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Federal appeals court could bring huge blow to Obamacare

A federal appeals court ruling released this morning could have a devastating effect on Obamacare, as it declared subsidies given to those insured by healthcare.gov illegal. The court ruled that the IRS was not authorized to offer federal subsidies to 5 million Americans who signed up for Obamacare under the impression that the subsidy would reduce their monthly healthcare … [Read More...]

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Simple Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills

This Mint.com infographic gives some simple and helpful advice on how to lower your utilities bills this summer. Simple decisions like turning off your plugged-in devices with a switch on your power strip can save you 5-10% on your energy bill! Check it … [Read More...]


The Story of the FIFA World Cup Trophy

Germany and Argentina will compete for the FIFA World Cup Trophy and title this Sunday, July 13, in Rio de Janeiro. But before you watch the winning team rejoice in victory, you might be surprised to learn that victors actually don’t get to take the trophy … [Read More...]